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Unique Properties of Water – All of living things in this earth need water, mammals, being in the water, Moving or not and all which live. Here will describe amounts fact of water.


Unique Properties of Water

  1. Allah created water before He created Universe
  2. More than 9 billion mil cubic of waters in aquifer.
  3. Within one hundred years water molecule spends +/- 98 years at sea , 1 year 8 months as ice , and 2 weeks in lakes – lakes and rivers , and about once weekly in the atmosphere of 53,000 cubic kilometers of water passing through lakes and rivers planet .
  4. There are 3.4000 cubic kilometers are locked in the body of living things.
  5. Water volume in the earth same like the earth created first. Not more increasing or discreasing. All waters volume in this earth almost the same for 2,5 billion years. It can be what  we drink who should be drunk by The Messenger Adam Peace be upon him (AS )
  6. About 80% waters  in the earth surface, Than the others percent are grounds or water steam atmosphere. And only 2,5 % fresh water from all water in the earth. More 90 % waters supply  from Antarctic.
  7. Three kinds of water that we know like liquid, steam, solid is substance which find naturally in the earth.
  8. Need as much as 150 gallon waters for one ton bread.
  9. For production one ton potato need 1000 gallon waters.
  10. More than a half water that used for irrigation lost because of distillation process.
  11. To produce one bottle water will spend more cost than produce a milk or oil
  12. Water logging make a low water quality and increasing salt standart in waters.
  13. A few fresh waters can be location for disease infection.
  14. A billion people infected by waters every years.
  15. Using tanker can help to decrease water logging
  16. 315 billion km cubic waters on sea from all waters in the earth
  17. For about 37 Liters waters on human bodies
  18. There are 25% waters In human bones and 83% bloods are waters.
  19. 75% chicken bodies are waters, 80% pineapple is water, 95% tomato is water, and 70% elephant is water
  20. Every day the sun steaming 1 million ton waters, 1 tree will spend 265 liters (70 gallons) waters per days in steaming.


That are some interesting facts of water which I can write in this article, May usefull for us..

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